Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catwoman Vol.2: Dollhouse (Review)

Judd Winick has certainly captured the true spirit and fundamentals of Catwoman in volume 2: Dollhouse.

(Spoilers follow…)

The Selina Kyle of volume one seemed fixated on her “intimacies” with Batman, which led to a lot of her self-thought to be focused on him, what he’s thinking, or how a relationship between them would ever work. This is not what Selina Kyle should be all about.
If Catwoman is to ever have any real success in her own series, then Batman must not be involved. Sure, her stories take place in Gotham City, and certain events (Death of the Family, Requiem) can have impact on her story, but it should not be up to Batman to be the deciding factor in a “Catwoman” book. Now, Dollhouse is a much better collection of issues then The Game. Winick puts the focus on Selina and her personal life, as well as her cat-burglar career, both of which experience highs and lows, but mature and grow more complex and detailed. This is what readers want in comics.
Winick gives Selina a new partner in crime, one with superpowers too, and sets them both on a series of various criminal activity from stealing priceless artifacts, to getting themselves mixed up with The Penguin and even a Talon from the Court of Owls. What makes this volume so much better is the interlocking stories. When I read it, I really felt as though this series was finally beginning to develop its own world, full of new supporting characters and new environments, tailored to Catwoman’s persona and lifestyle.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meanwhile, in Gotham City... (Mar. 29)

- Mattel is releasing new action figures based on the 60’s Batman TV series, with one toy displaying the infamous “Batusi”. DC Comics recently announced that a digital comic based on the on-going adventures of the Dynamic Duo from the very same era will also be available come fall of this year. The series will be written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Jonathan Case, with cover art by Mike Allred. So for all those fans sick of the dark, depressing, soar-throated Batman of the modern age, you’re in luck. Come this fall, you’ll be knee-deep in “Pows!” and “Zams!” with catchy one-liners to boot. For the rundown on why this “blast from the past” Caped Crusader retro should be graciously welcomed in today’s society, check out Brett White’s analysis and retrospect of the news at Comic Book Resources.

- The “Requiem” continues in just about every Bat-related comic series as just last month, series ranging from Detective Comics to Catwoman experienced the tragic after effects of Damian Wayne’s untimely end. But just when you thought it was all over, it appears that a second wave of issues from the majority of Bat-related comics will continue the “Requiem” tie-in. This begs the question as to how long this story arc will last. What originally appeared to be a one-shot story for each series turns out to be a multi-series crossover event, much like Death of the Family. Which adds yet another question: could we see the eventual return of the newest Boy Wonder in an upcoming issue?
Writer Grant Morrison, currently at the helm of Batman: Incorporated, reports that he has no plans to bring Damian back anytime soon, but is uncertain what future writers will do once his run on Batman is up, so anything is possible. Batman: Incorporated #9, Batman #19, Batman and Robin #19, and more are available this April, all with tie-ins to “Requiem”. Be sure to check’em out.

- As trailer after trailer flies in for Injustice: Gods Among Us, fans are treated to the latest teasers on upcoming new playable characters and levels, as well as more information on the game’s plot. But it turns out that Injustice is not the only upcoming DC game to look forward to. Titled: “Infinite Crisis”, and based loosely on the comic book epic written by Geoff Johns, this game looks to be very epic in it’s own right. Unfortunately for all you console owners (myself included), the game will only be available for PC (as if not being able to play DC Universe Online either wasn’t enough).
Still, for all those lucky enough to own a PC computer instead of a Mac, or for those brave enough to stand using a keyboard to move characters, the game looks promising and will feature a wide array of characters and alternate costumes to choose from (three have already been released for Batman). But for all us Xbox/Playstation users, Injustice is just weeks away, and the weekly releases of prelude digital comics only spark our anticipation. For more updates and trailers for Injustice: Gods Among Us visit IGN, they got all the best trailers. And be sure to stay aware of further information on “infinite Crisis” in the coming weeks.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome, To Gotham...

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